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Application format [OPEN]

on Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:05 am
If you want to be part of the staff use this format and post an application.

Why do you wish to be admin [Minimum 150Words]

In Game Name:

What is your specialty in? [Mapper, Basic Admin stuff, Scripter etc] ((Minimum 100 Words)):

Which department you would like to be part of : (FMOD, DFMOD, Complaint Moderator etc) :

Why do we accept you as administrator? : ((Minimum 150 Words))

What can you bring to the server, if we hire you as a admin? ((Minimum 100 Words)):

Do you have any past Experience?  (No need to mention server names)

How long have you been playing SAMP:

Are you aware of CMDS for admins? If yes then to which level? :

What is your Real name? :

What is your real age? :

Do you have TS3 installed with Microphone?:

Note : Your application will be rewied shorty, using /report or Pming at TS, will make it deniable.So Have some patiance, and if you failed to meet the requirement.Then your application will be rejected.
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