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Basic Rules

on Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:02 pm

General Rules
1- DM
Punishment : Jail for 15 Minutes

Punishment: Jail 30 minute

Punishment: Jail 35 Minutes

4-RK: Its forbidden, the only reason you can RK is when you get admin permission.

[b]In-Game Rules

1-Disgusting Roleplay: If you want to do this roleplay type, you should get OOC permission from the other person otherwise you will be perm banned

2-Safe Zones: Where you cant kill anyone in these places or you will be jailed for the first time
2- All saints area.
3- Prison facility.
4- SAPD HQ ((pershing square))
5- Banks.
6- Airports
7- Train Station ((Unity Station))

4-OOC insulting
ingame is forbidden.

5-Dont PM any admin for administration help.
Punishment: 1- Kick

6-Sharing accounts: Dont trade/share your account willl result in extreme Punishment

7-Unrealistic physics
1-Bunny hopping
2-Olympic swimming
3-Crack Shooting
4-Quick Swapping
Punishment: 1-Kick - Jailed for 30 Minutes

8-Roleplaying the injures: you have to roleplay the injures If you being shot/injure
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